Finding a dental office that accepts Medicaid forms of insurance can be difficult and frustrating at times. Many offices do not accept these insurances as a payment option, and if they do, they may only accept one specific insurance provider. This leaves patients struggling to come up with the money needed to pay for dental services. Many people choose to neglect their dental health because of this, and their body’s health may decline.

Oral healthcare is an essential part of the body’s overall health and immune system. Many forms of bacteria and disease begin in the mouth and can easily spread.

That’s why we at Youth Smiles Dental Center are proud to be one of the few dental office in the Pittsburgh region to accept many different Medicaid-participating insurances. We care about everyone’s health and do everything possible to ensure that everyone has the ability to get the dental care they deserve.

You no longer need to worry about your oral health and you’re limited access to Medicaid-accepting offices. Youth Smiles Dental Center has you covered!

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